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Our new wholesale website will be going live in the coming weeks (March 24). As soon as I am content I will provide you with as much information as possible via email. Also including the wholesale link and how to create your account.

I'm looking to offer the following 3 payment options. Whether your a big store or a small shop starting out, we're here to help.

Option 1 - Minimum order value (most products are set to 10 per size, per colour)

Option 2 - Finance option, offered by a third party services. I'm currently in discussions with a few to find the best rates, including 0% interest.

Option 3 - Order 1 of each product and our Tactical product brochure. We'll arrange a 40% drop-shipping code for our website.

We look forward to your email and thank you for taking the time to enquire in the first place.

Thanks James,


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  • Premium Quality Products:

    BTactical offers a range of high-quality tactical gear and pet accessories. Each product is meticulously crafted with superior materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Stocking BTactical products means offering your customers items that are built to last.

  • Brand Reputation:

    BTactical is a trusted brand, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By stocking BTactical products, you align your business with a brand that values integrity and excellence.

  • Customer Demand:

    The unique blend of style, functionality, and durability in BTactical products makes them highly sought-after by consumers. Offering BTactical products in your store can attract a wide range of customers, boosting your sales and enhancing your retail assortment.

  • New Custom Logos

    We're soon to offer custom BTactical logos. Currently 21 Dog head varieties to choose from. allowing customers to choose the logo that matches their beloved dog breed. We'll be adding more and more dog breeds over time. I really do believe this is what will set us apart in the near future. First heads coming to our shop May 24'