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4cm BTactical Big Bundle - Orange | Day Out Essential Pack

4cm BTactical Big Bundle - Orange | Day Out Essential Pack

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4cm BTactical Collar - Orange | Durable Dog Collar With Handle (Size)
The Ultimate BTactical Harness - Orange | Durable Tracker Dog Harness (Size)

4cm BTactical Big Bundle - Orange | Day Out Essential Pack

The 35L BTactical Backpack
The BTactical Dog Treat Bag
x1 BTactical Carabiner
4cm BTactical Collar
120cm BTactical Frog Clip Lead
The Ultimate BTactical Harness

If you liked out Bag Bundle then your going to love this one too. Our amazing 35L BTactical Backpack retails at £99.99. For an extra £80 we're happy throwing in all the above. This bundle has a saving of over £50!!

The new bag on the mountain! Are you looking for a Strong, Stylish and Durable Hiking day bag that's built to accommodate both YOU AND YOUR DOG?

This is the perfect adventures bundle. Wear the treat bag over the shoulder, around your waist or even clip it onto your Backpack with one of our BTactical Carabiners. If you're interested in our backpack you more than likely going to pair your beloved dog in our gear too. If so this bundle is for you!

Upgrade your pet’s active lifestyle with the BTactical Big Bundle today!

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